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        Birthdays are special occasions that are celebrated year after year, but each year should be cherished and remembered. Birthdays are what everyone look forward to, it's your own special day. Bamboo Bakery wants to make a special cake for everyone. We want love ones to feel special and we want to help put a smile their face when you show them their birthday cakes. Call David at 602.246.8061602.246.8061 and place your cake orders as soon as possible.

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1/8Sheet (8"X6") Serve up to 12 guests : $28.95

 1/4Sheet(8"X12") Serve up to 24 Guests: $46.95

    1/2Sheet (12"X16") Serve up to 50 Guests: $79.95

   3/4Sheet(16"X18") Serve up to 75 guests: $115.95

      Full Sheet(24"X16") Serve up to 100 guests:$150.95

Prices may change according to seasons and economy **
Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cake 001

Birthday Cake 002

Birthday Cake 003

Birthday Cake 004

Birthday Cake 005

Birthday Cake 006

Birthday Cake 007

Birthday Cake 008

Birthday Cake 009

Birthday Cake 010

Birthday Cake 011

Birthday Cake 012

Birthday Cake 013

Birthday Cake 014

Birthday Cake 015

Birthday Cake 016
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